The sonnet I have composed is about a toxic relationship where the more the lovers try to make things work, the more they destroy one another. It is about realising when to let go and setting yourself free, no matter how much you think you may love someone. I was inspired to write this after delving into Sonnet 146 in class and learning about the relationship between the body and soul which, in some way or another, is reflected in the relationship between the lovers in my sonnet.

When to the sessions of sweet silent thought

Your voice carried by the wind echoes in my ears

My heart on a hook like a fish t’was caught

Your face born again in the sea of my tears

A love so brutal, even Satan begged for mercy

Our arms were heavy, from catching one another

Both of us were trapped, from thinking we’re not worthy

What is there to do, when you’re broken by your lover?

The language that brushed our lips was sour

To please you was like dancing across the blade of a knife

The King and Queen who couldn’t agree on power

Do not blame me, for even the stars choose death over life

How to forget? There’s no manual, nor instructions

Loving you was the most exquisite form of self-destruction





3 thoughts on “Toxic

  1. Lili, brilliant blog, I admire your title “toxic” it really stood out to me. I especially love this line, “the more the lovers try to make things work, the more they destroy one another.” So true indeed, this line encapsulates how relationships are complicated, and by being lovers we may hurt one another. Every line of your poem left me wanting to know more! Overall, I found your blog to be very creative and meaningful. Well done, and keep up the fantastic work!

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  2. Hi Lili. I thought this was a heartfelt and sincerely written poem- even if it’s just fictional. You’ve written with such vivid imagination and incorporated some metaphoric qualities really well. The part where you wrote “my heart on a hook like a fish was caught’, helps to bring to life the painful experience. I can envision a delicate organ such as our hearts, pierced like this; and the fish in the sea (like our hearts), demonstrates its vulnerability and frailty against the larger prey in the ocean. I particularly liked where you wrote, “The language that brushed our lips was sour” but thought a different word choice for ‘brushed’ would work better in this line, like “The words that escaped our lips were sour” — all in all, nice creative piece Lili.


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