Blog 2- Wise Passiveness

“Wise Passiveness”- describe a moment in your life where such a phrase might apply

Before I delve into exploring where one may experience a moment of wise passiveness, let me begin by explaining what I believe encapsulates the meaning of wise passiveness.

Firstly, Google defines wise passiveness as “a form of learning where the individual soaks in knowledge receptively, rather than aggressively to learn. It’s when one has the opportunity to receive the world.” And although wise, I believe Google’s animatronic mind and lack of emotions means that they don’t possess the best understanding of wise passiveness.

Therefore, human to human, let me share with you a bit about wise passiveness.

To me, it means that one does not have to be actively looking for things such as knowledge and understanding. Such things take time and often come to us in unexpected moments. There are in fact ways of being in touch with knowledge without pushing for it. And I believe that this knowledge can only be found when we are quiet enough and we silence our thoughts and allow the world to speak. I do love how Google defined wise passiveness as a moment when one has the opportunity to receive the world. This is rather poetic of Google, and in my opinion, true. We receive the world when we immerse ourselves in our surroundings. It’s the moments where nature teaches us things we have never thought of, lessons that perhaps no human could’ve communicated the way nature could.

A moment in my life where I experienced wise passiveness was at a park. It was a moment taught to me by nature (multiple times in fact), and it was not until I silenced myself that I was able to hear her and understand the knowledge she was imparting.

As I was walking my dog through the park, I noticed all the birds around me flying very close to the ground and often landing to eat a bug or two. As I was walking home from the park, it began to rain. At first, I did not think much of my experience at the park, nor the rain. However, a week or so later, I experienced the same thing, low flying birds eating bugs and then shortly after, rain.

I then had an epiphanic moment…

The birds were flying low because they knew the bugs would emerge to seek higher ground from the rain! I know this may not sound like much, however, I thought that this was incredible. The birds knew that when the rain was about to fall, the bugs would be searching for higher ground, and therefore it would be easier for them to find and eat them. It was not until I really paid attention to my surroundings that I was able to gain this knowledge.

This to me, defines what it means to experience wise passiveness.





Blog 1- A Sea of Understanding

Write a poem about an experience in your life in which nature was the teacher

A cloud-like foam balances on the ocean’s edge like froth in a coffee cup

I watch as birds bob up and down, the current carrying them in whatever direction it pleases

The waves that crash onto the shore creep around my ankles, gradually drawing me closer into the jaws of the ocean

As I paddle out on my board, I realise that, like the birds, I am but an inconsiderable creature in such a considerable landscape

I am now a puppet of the ocean, to be manoeuvred as she pleases

The sea begins to churn, and the waves pile higher and higher and higher

As the swell begins to build so does my fear for such an uncontrollable goddess

The temper of which sways from just a wee whisper of the wind

However so, I place my faith in the arms of mother

And as I paddle for the wave, I feel her hand upon my board, guiding me back to the sand

It was at that moment I realised the ocean was not a fearful place

But rather, a place of mutual understanding

Where respect is met with kindness and impertinence is met with fury

Like a woman demanding respect, the ocean will not answer to your negligence

But rather, she will bask in your obedience to her

You’re each other’s strengths and weaknesses

But overall, you’re child and she is mother