Peer Review 3- Elora Woods

Hi Elora,

May I just begin by saying thank you for sharing your story. I understand that this can often be a taboo subject and difficult to confront, so to witness a woman standing up and saying “this is what happened to me” is really inspiring. I wish more women had the courage to come forward and share their stories like you have today.

I’m really sorry to hear of all the horrendous things you and your friends have encountered. It saddens me to say that I too can relate to what you have experienced, having endured many of the things you have mentioned myself.

What I really love about your blog is the fact that despite all the bad impressions that a lot of boys have left on you, you do not shame men as a whole. You talk about how you have found a man who has “made it his primary mission to replace every one of your ‘self-hating’ thoughts into ‘self-loving’ ones”, and I think that is really beautiful.

Thank you again for sharing your story, it’s women like you who give other women the courage to speak up and tell theirs.



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