Summative Entry

Australian Literature helps me to expand the boundaries of my own experience.

I have always been a great lover of writing and poetry. I believe there is nothing more wonderful than discovering something that someone perceives as formless or plain and blessing it with the beauty of the breath. Describing the once ordinary object with such affection and creativity that it transforms into something of great majesty, and you can never look at it the same.

It has been a privilege this semester exposing myself to new authors and their unique styles of writing, while also learning so much about our Nation’s history that I didn’t know before. Though I am an avid reader, I have never explored readings by Australian authors. I believe by enrolling into this unit, I have been able to expand the boundaries of my own experience. By immersing myself in Australian literature I have been able to grow as a critical thinker (which can be challenging when creativity constantly calls) and to write fearlessly.

I really enjoyed exploring works by Indigenous Australian authors and was moved at hearing the voices of those who were quite often silenced. You grow to feel an overwhelming sense of compassion and sadness towards Indigenous Australians. You realise how their inextricable connection to the land, their culture and identity was tarnished during the colonial period, and how these injustices have had a lasting effect on Aboriginal communities today.

That Deadman Dance by Kim Scott was such an engrossing book to explore. I found it fascinating to read about Australia’s past and what it may have been like for both Indigenous Australians and colonisers during such a time of vast changes and new interactions.

There were many heartfelt writings by Indigenous and colonial authors who explored the exquisite Australian landscape and the changes that were brought upon it. However, among my favourites were Lisa Bellear, Judith Wright and Oodgeroo Noonuccal; perhaps because their writings appealed to me emotionally. I feel these authors were able to expand my consciousness and allowed me to see and understand the things that cause humans joy and suffering. Their poetry was a vehicle for transmitting the stories and experiences of Aborigines and reflected upon the emotions and character of society. Being able to relate to these literary pieces allowed me to write more naturally and fearlessly. I am inspired by the courage demonstrated in these poems and therefore feel a spark of fortitude and creativity to write my own, such as my week 3 blog, A sonnet on self-love.

Australian literature has renewed my appreciation for nature and the beautiful world in which we inhabit. Through reading about the injustices that so many people faced every day, I feel eternally grateful to be able to express my opinions and to have so much freedom in my own country. This unit has helped me to expand the boundaries of my own experience by appreciating the freedom and feeling that comes with writing. It has allowed me to analyse a text and to think critically about why it’s the way it is such as style, word choice and structure and what is it trying to evoke.

This semester I learnt that language is meaningless if it doesn’t create a spark inside and make you feel something. The readings in this unit allowed me to feel an array of emotions and to express my creativity and for that I am grateful. Creativity is such an important part of who I am and I’m thankful that I got to share that part of myself with you all.



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