Peer Review- Julia El Azzi

Julia, this was an insightful and educational read on the Stigma surrounding Indigenous Australian women. I like the examples you have chosen, such as the story of comedian Trevor Noah. Though upsetting, it was also eye-opening and complemented the article well. I also liked the use of media such as photos and the use of quotations to engage readers and highlight your research.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your opinion on the topic, and how this article affected you as a female. As I was reading your blog, feelings of dolefulness and anger were radiating through the page. I think to be able to sense your passion and feel your emotions drove me to really connect with the article and helped me to sympathise with the Indigenous Australian women.

The only critique I had was to perhaps elaborate a little further on some of your points. For example, you said, “We must find a way to further emphasise their [Aborginal Women] importance in our society”. Maybe you could suggest a way in which the importance of Indigenous Australian women can be emphasised.
Apart from that, I thought it was a fascinating first blog.
Good job!


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