Peer Review 2- GEORGIA

Hi Georgia,

What a truly beautiful letter you have written. To me, it was filled with a sense of wisdom, kindness, and magic.

I really loved how you focused on telling child Georgia that the important things in life are found within the natural world. Your line “You see the magnificence of the natural world, and it will be your greatest teacher if you let it” beautifully encapsulates this idea, while also echoing ideas from both ‘My heart leaps up’ and ‘The Word is too much for us’.

You also incorporate beautiful imagery in the way you explain how little Georgia looks at the world, such as the “glowing stars” and “snails climbing over dewy leaves”.

I think I was also so drawn to the letter because of the line “You will forget to be excited about animals and plants and the sky because you will be taught that other things are more important.” This saddened me because it is incredibly true, we often lose sight of what is important because society instructs us on what we should care about instead.

This is one of my favourite blogs I have ever read. Great job Georgia and I can’t wait to see what else you produce over the semester!


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