Peer Review 1- Anna Castagnella

Anna, may I just begin by saying what a powerful blog you have written.

From your very first line, you had the reader hooked as you ask them to ponder what it means to live deliberately. I also liked your response to this question, it was thoughtful and emotional. I could tell before I read about your car accident that you were someone who had endured a traumatic experience that allowed you to truly appreciate what it means to be alive.

You incorporate the content we have learnt in class really well, and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of Thoreau and his ideas. I enjoyed reading your analysis on the line “when I came to die, discover that I had not lived” and I wholeheartedly agree with your interpretation.

I like how you speak about pondering existential ideas such as, “questioning the meaning of life” and “whether or not [you’re] even doing it right as if there is a correct way to live.” You connect well with your audience here as these are universal thoughts that every individual stumbles across at some point or another.

The line “You do not truly acknowledge the frailty of life until it is almost taken away from you” was a very frightening but captivating line and I thank you for sharing this scary journey with me. It allowed me to realise just how quickly life can be taken away and how you must cherish being alive every moment you have.

To conclude your blog, you encourage your audience to live a life they are proud of and I think this is a really lovely sentiment to end with.

Well done Anna!


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