Peer Review 3- Victoria

Hi Victoria,

What an incredibly wonderful and visual letter you have written to Louisa.

I really like your continual references to the night sky and space. This creates a sense of wonder and magic in your letter.

I like how you start your letter with “Have you noticed the moon tonight?”. It made me as the reader think, have I noticed the moon recently? Have I taken time out of my frantic day to appreciate the little wonders of the world?

Your letter includes a real visual feast for the reader to reflect upon.

I also like your inclusion of Sissy and how you describe her mind and imagination compared to Louisa. “Sissy has been to the moon, go talk to her and dream out loud together.” This is a wonderful line and in my opinion, encapsulates Sissy’s ability to wonder and imagine beautifully.

A fantastic job overall.

Well done Victoria!


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