Peer Review 1- NANCY

Hi Nancy,

A great start to blogging this semester. Your blog was engaging and your interpretation of ‘wise passiveness’ was vivid and entertaining to read.

I like how you began by briefly analysing Wordsworth’s ‘Expostulation and reply’ which not only links to our class content but also shows that you demonstrate a good understanding of the poem itself.

I enjoyed reading about your moment of wise passiveness. Your description of “sunbeams with rays of light shining bright amongst the clouds vibrantly contrasting against the white and grey voluminous clouds” was beautifully vivid.

My only piece of advice would be to read through your blog carefully before posting it, just to fix up any little spelling errors.


Emotional instead of emotion

That can’t instead of what can’t

I think you have also included the word clouds once too many

Well done!


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