Peer Review 4 – Alexandra Nematalla

Hi Alexandra,

May I begin by stating what an encapsulating poem you have written.

Your poem clearly mirrors elements of that of Dickenson’s and I love how you’ve included the ideas of nature and its ability to enrich, as well as the constraints of religion. These ideas have been masterfully demonstrated through the lines “As nature can be run by chance But humanity is tied to clergymen.”

I like how you have refrained from using grammar. It made the poem flow quite beautifully and made me as the reader feel as if I was part of the story.

However, my favourite aspect of the poem was how you “desired to convey the strength that can be observed in a small insect that transcends humans strength,” through the Phasmatodea. This was a beautiful idea and once again, I feel as if I am in the poem observing this insect with its “fluorescent green hands” holding “firmly to the branch.”

Really great job Alexandra. Not only have you produce a beautiful piece of writing but you have also taught me what a Phasmatodea is!


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