Peer Review 3- Caitlin McCartney

Hi Caitlin,

I found your blog this week to be really inspiring.

Despite the fact you struggle to write poetry, you put yourself out there and made yourself vulnerable. I believe every great writer whether it’s Pound, Eliot or Cummings has had to push themselves out of their comfort zone in order to produce something amazing.

I will start with your poem. Though not long in length, I still found your poem was effective in expressing its message. I can see your passion and concern for the environment seep through the words of your poem as well as your desire for others to share the same view as you, “yet I wish the others wouldn’t let her go.”

The image attached to your blog was also a great inclusion. It allows the reader to think and to be appreciative of all the things that the planet provides for us.

I also enjoyed reading about Williams and Pound and the era in which they existed. You explain the era as a time “characterised by exploring the boundaries of what could or couldn’t be considered art, music, dance or poetry which lead to numerous new movements being formed.”

Your knowledge of American Literature is evident in your blog this week, as well as your understanding of the different language techniques adopted by different writers.


Well done!

The others…


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