Peer Review 4- Laura Nash

Hi Laura,

I really enjoyed reading Ariel’s perspective on his debt to Prospero. You paint such a vivid image of Ariel, describing him as “hot as volcanic lava” and a “winged creature to torment pathetic souls.” I also like how you have made him omniscient, it gives him this sense of power that I believe is absent in ‘The Tempest’. You highlight Ariel’s mischievous side, “When I get the chance, it is enjoyable to meddle in their trivial affairs”, which is important because it is his defining characteristic in the play and brings a sense of authenticity to your description.Overall, I thought this was an enjoyable read and a nice interpretation of Ariel’s character.

The only things I would note is the slight spelling errors.

Loose should be changed to lose

Hot as a volcanic lava” should just be hot as volcanic lava. The ‘a’ may be redundant when used with the uncountable noun lava.


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