Blog 5 – A Message To Meg

Write a letter to Meg in “Down at the Dump” telling her what you think about her relationship with Lummy.

Dearest Meg,

May I just begin by saying I am awfully sorry to hear about your Aunt Daise. It is never easy losing a loved one and I know your mother hasn’t been overly supportive during this time. Please know that I am never far away if you wish to talk.

Now I do not mean to pry, but a little birdie informs me that you have been hanging around that Lummy boy. It is not my duty to reprimand you, nor will I tell you how to live your life, but I would like to impart upon you some words of wisdom. Your mother does care for you Meg, however, she also cares greatly for appearances. Do not allow her superficial views to sway you from following your heart.

I remember one evening when you knocked on my door, the freckles upon your face glowing with anger and you proceeded to tell me how you “hated boys with white hair.” Your words were so passionate that behind all the anger, I saw buried deep within your eyes a sense of vulnerability. So, Meg, I am writing to tell you that in order to truly care for someone you must make yourself vulnerable. Don’t cover your feelings the same way your mother covers those ridiculous plaster pixies with plastic from the rain. Embrace the change in weather!

I heard you have taken an interest in writing poetry, I think that is wonderful! Daise would be very proud to hear of such a thing. Allow the poetry to clarify your feelings. Write to understand.

With all my love and best wishes




One thought on “Blog 5 – A Message To Meg

  1. Hi Lili

    Can I start by saying what a wonderful piece of work you have created! I particularly enjoyed how you have written this letter to Meg, from the perspective of a caring friend. I liked how you did not tell her what to do, but however told her to follow her heart and do what makes her happy. I also liked what you said at the end of your piece, “Allow the poetry to clarify your feelings. Write to understand.” I found this particularly interesting and a reminder of the power that poetry has to express feelings.

    Looking forward to reading your future blogs 🙂

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