Peer Review- Nina Carrasco

Hi Nina,


May I just start by saying what a truly wonderful and nostalgic piece you have written.

Before I had even finished reading your sonnet, I had pieced together that your beloved you had delightfully written about was, in fact, your mother. This is a heartfelt piece that emotionally appeals to the reader as it reminds them of their own love that they share with their mother.


The poem flows nicely, and I really like your choice of rhyming couplets. Your opening line “I see someone who looks like me” is an effective setup for the rest of the poem. I can really see through your precise and emotional choice of wording how much your mother means to you and what a profound influence she has on you, “They are beautiful in every part”, “I feel a love never felt before.” I also liked how you referred to your mother as your best friend, I think that is a beautiful inclusion and highlights the deep love you feel for her.


Your title “Beloved from the beginning” is a wonderful choice that demonstrates how your love for your mother is an everlasting and unconditional love. (As a side note I also loved the photo you included). I believe you have created imagery as fiery as Charles Harper for example “A hint of grey with lines throughout the face” and have effectively captivated the reader through your sentimental style of writing.


As I read this piece I interpret it as if it is from the viewpoint of a young child that is admiring the beauty of their mother as nurturer and carer. This child reflects upon the fact that “this world is like a zoo”, however, their mother will be there to guide them through whatever adversities they may face.


This was a great blog Nina and I am looking forward to reading other pieces.


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